Support Missionaries

The world would be a dark place without the word of God. As Christians, we are the salt and light of the world. We have to support one another in a time such as this. The spark in hearts of missionaries to share the gospel is a calling. This path is like taking an unknown road leading missionaries to different places. Let’s support our missionaries to share the gospel.


Show Them Act of Kindness

When you offer a helping hand to missionaries, you are not just doing an act of kindness. You are part of the whole work of God. Helping missionaries to afford round trip flights to Amsterdam and other cities would enable them to save souls. It may not you sharing the gospel but your relentless support makes it happen. Everything is possible when Christians come and join together.

Strengthen Them Through Words

las vegasMissionaries are no different than us. They get tired and weary too. There are times when they need someone to encourage them. Being a missionary is not easy. There will be persecution, hatred, and unpleasant experiences along the way. They might have a hard time preaching to difficult places such as que ver en las vegas where people refuse to listen. Be that person who lifts them up. If you know a missionary, send him a warm message. With the advancement of technology today, he can see your message wherever he is. He might be alone in Las Vegas hoteles pondering whether he should cease on this path and then your message comes along to bring back his lost strength.

Meet with Them

If a missionary is scheduled to visit your city, meet him. You can volunteer in helping him gather the people. Be his friend while he is staying in your city. You can assist him in finding the perfect hotels in Amsterdam city centre Or if he has no place to go, you may open your door for him at home. Inviting him over means a lot. Do you remember the story in the bible about a widow in Zarephath who opened her household for prophet Elijah? There was a drought at the time but she offered Elijah a meal out of her pure heart. In return, God blessed her household thousand times fold.

Offer Help on home Assignment with Payers

This is one of the easiest support you can offer to the missionaries when they are on home assignment and supporters like you can make additional support. Web master reviews said when missionaries are doing a home assignment. They often do not have a place to stay or a car to drive. If missionaries are assigned in your area, you can at least offer them to stay in your spare room for a few days or if you let them borrow an extra car can be a huge blessing. also suggests that if you don’t have a home/room and car that you can offer you can also help them by intentionally praying on missionaries with divine protection from the spiritual warfare where they are bound to experience on any field they are assigned.