Table of Contents

Our Story

There was a time when Flevo Cultuur has no resources to start any event. The song and worship happen in the backyard of our members. We dance, sing, and lift our voices to the Lord without the grandest equipment nor a wide space to accommodate everyone. But the Lord heard our prayers. Flevo Cultuur started to become known and more people wanted to join us. Steadily, we earned a sufficient amount of fund to host our very first event. It was a success. Today, Flevo Cultuur holds the biggest festival each August. Our story is a living testimony that God provides. He hears our prayers and knows the desires of our heart.

Assembly Schedule

The program starts at 5 PM and ends at 10 PM. The festival starts with an opening prayer to thank God for bringing us together. After opening prayer, the festival brings the fun by inviting featured praise song bands on stage. This is the part where we will all dance together and witness how loud Christians can be. To give the crowd some rest and to also feed their souls with the good news, we will have an anointed speaker to deliver timely sermons. The rest of the day would be spent on praise and worship songs.